Why You Need


  • Are you interested in adopting a pet but don't know where to start?
  • Have you been unable to find a pet that meets your needs?
  • Do you not know how to decide on one rescue vs another?
  • Who has time to research the thousands of rescues and shelters for your new pet?

L2L to the Rescue! Let us find you your perfect match!

About Us...

Louie 2 Lady was founded from a love of animals and a desire to make our pet adoption system more efficient. There are thousands of rescues, shelters and breeders in this country, each one operating independently. Louie 2 Lady's purpose is to streamline pet adoption. We connect adopters to the entire network of animals in need of homes, providing you the opportunity to be matched with your perfect animal regardless of where it resides today.

L2L makes finding the right pet for your family easy and more animals in need of homes are placed faster.

Join Our Pet Adoption Network

Louie2Lady has built a reputable adoption network with area rescues, shelters & breeders in our quest to find all pets their forever home. Together, we are advancing pet adoption by unifying all organizations into one community. If you are interested in partnering with us to and accessing our adoption database please contact us below.

“A DOG is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself"


How It Works

Our convenient but precise process makes it simple and affordable for you to find your next pet.

Apply through Louie 2 Lady's website to become pre-approved to multiple adoption organizations.

Application Review

L2L's team of experts will evaluate your preferences and extensively search affiliate organizations to find you the best match.

Personal Adoption Profile

Personal profile created for you and utilized on our adoption network that participating organizations can leverage.

Personalized Pet Match

Ready to be adopted pets that fit your criteria just for you sent for your review.

Adopt Your New Pet!

When you find your perfect match, L2L's experienced consultants assist you through the adoption process.

"Everyone thinks they have the best pet. And none of them are wrong"

Louie 2 Lady will help find yours

Adopt the Perfect Pet

Serving all of Wisconsin, utilizing the many amazing animal shelters throughout combined with L2L's unique pairing process, you can expect to find that perfect pet with no hassle.